Caverta pills help to get and maintain normal sexual erection. This drug starts working only if natural arousal appears or if there is sexual act with another person.


While any drug treatment will necessarily come with its share of side effects, when using the Caverta tablets for impotence, men have reported fewer and less severe side effects than with other treatments.  Headaches, nausea and some back pain are the most common effects, but obviously this can change if the drug Cialis 20 isn’t taken responsibly.  As with all drug regimens, you should consult your doctor before starting to use Caverta Sildenafil.  

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Caverta 100 is taken approximately one hour before sex. It is effective for about four hours and should not be used more than once a day. Sexual stimulation is still required to get an erection, but often less than would be normally required. With larger doses, some men developed a very unusual side effect: a color shift towards blue, making green and blue indistinguishable.  Be sure to read the article "What is Cialis?".  The most common side effects noticed were mild headache, facial flushing, and/or upset stomach.


Caverta 100

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